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6 Amazing Reasons To Take A Trip Together

Is traveling together a way to stay together, or the ultimate relationship test? We asked six popular Instagram travel couples what they thought, and here they share why, even through the ups and downs, they love to travel together. When it comes down to it, taking a trip together will enable you to:

1. Spend time together discovering new things.

Camille & Jean, @backpackdiariez:

Adventure Couple Jumping into a Blue Ocean In the Islands of the Philippines“There’s nothing like the thrill of being on the road together and not knowing what to expect when you are about to discover a new place, new culture or new type of cuisine. Traveling as a couple allows you to get to know each other much better. While traveling, you get to meet such a diverse group of people and learn to handle such a broad range of situations that you really get to discover yourself and your partner on a deeper level. You also get to spend more time on a trip together than in everyday life, which is an invaluable asset. Because life is short, and when you love someone, you want to spend as much time with them as possible!”

2. Share unique travel experiences and stories.

Nick & Val, @wanderingwheatleys:

Travel Lovers Holding Hands in the Desert Near the Great Pyramids of Egypt on a Trip Together to Giza“We love traveling together because of the amazing memories we make every single day. We’ve had some great experiences and some not so great experiences. We have watched the sun set over the Great Pyramids, dined on sheep’s brain in Marrakech, and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. We have also been mugged at knifepoint in Buenos Aires, had our drone confiscated by Moroccan customs officials, and had to endure sleeping on the filthy floor during a 14-hour train ride in India when we discovered our hotel had sold us train tickets that didn’t actually include seats. These experiences have allowed (forced) us to grow as a couple.

Traveling together often means spending 24-hours a day together. And since we started our blog, we’re not only traveling and living together, we’re also working together. We’re both learning to compromise, always express our appreciation for each other, and to occasionally spend some time apart to reset and recharge. But our greatest adventures are still to come. While we don’t know what challenges we’ll face in the future, we can rest assured that after living out of a car together for 6 months without killing each other, we can pretty much overcome any obstacle thrown our way!”

3. Work together to overcome your fears.

Raquel & Miguel, @explorerssaurus:

Travel Bloggers Watching Hot Air Balloons at Sunrise on Trip Together to Cappadocia, Turkey “For us traveling as a couple is about challenging our fears. It’s about working as a unit and sharing adventures. One of the things we enjoy the most on a trip together is encouraging each other to overcome and face our fears. It’s a special bonding moment that will strengthen every relationship. It may be difficult at the beginning, but once you learn how to accept your partner’s weaknesses the feeling of achievement is so worth it!”

4. Strengthen your bond as a couple.

Dan & Maggs, @travelentines:

Travel Couple Shares a Romantic Moment In Front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France on a Europe Trip “Traveling together has been one of the best experiences for us as a couple. Travel has made us not only lovers, but also true companions and above all best friends. Life on the road holds many challenges that make our relationship stronger every day. It brings out the best and the worst in ourselves, which allows us to know each other deeply. Sharing this passion is what makes us such a happy couple. Traveling together has been our most valuable treasure!”

5. Experience personal and relationship growth.

Joel & Marla, @travelingfortwo:

Travelers Hiking on the Island of Ko Lanta on Trip Together to Thailand“We aim to inspire people to travel with their loved ones through our words and pictures because we believe it’s the best way to experience the wonders of this world. But traveling as a couple isn’t all roses and killer Instagram photos. Things don’t always go as planned, and learning to work through them together is a beautiful thing. Traveling together provides you with endless opportunities for both personal growth and growth as a couple. Although struggling to navigate the metro in a foreign city can be stressful at the time, it makes the little things back home seem like a total breeze.

Traveling together has not only shown us beautiful places, it’s also taught us a lot. Not only have we learned about new countries, strange foods and foreign cultures, we’ve also learned about ourselves and, more importantly, our relationship. After spending nearly every waking moment with each other for the past six months, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. This past trip together has been an amazing learning experience for us both, and while at times it hasn’t been easy, we wouldn’t change a single thing about it.”

6. Find the freedom to follow your dreams!

Carina & Ivo, @onewayticketrip:

“For us, traveling as a couple means sharing a common goal and dream while experiencing freedom together. We decided to travel the world in search of happiness. Our travels came from that unconditional desire to discover different places and realities, and escape and free ourselves from routine. And what could be better than sharing all those experiences with the love of your life?

Maybe we’re dreamers, but who cares?” ☺


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