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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions!

How can I get my photo featured on @travelandhearts Instagram?

This is the #1 question we get asked! Here are some tips in order to be featured.

  • #1 Post high quality photos that fit our feed.

    Your photo must include a couple. Aim to create high quality content that evokes emotion, spreads a positive message and provides true value to others.

    tip - Currently, photos that tend to perform best on the feed include a medium or medium full shot of the travel couple.

    As you can see, the current travel couple photos tend to be closer to the camera with a focus on human interaction rather than the travel location. To learn how you can create the perfect Instagram post, check out the Instagram growth Ebook.

  • #2 Use (#travelandhearts) or tag us in your photos.

    You can use up to 30 different hashtags and tag up to 20 accounts per post. We HIGHLY suggest you do this on every photo. While it might be time consuming, we always check our hashtag and scroll through our tagged photos regularly. 

  • #3 Crop your photos correctly (4x5 format).

    Every aspect of a photo matters, including how you crop it. For Instagram, you always want to choose a 1x1 or 4x5 (listed as 8:10 size on the new iPhone) dimension. We almost exclusively share photos that crop to a 4x5 format.

  • #4 Add a location to every photo.

    No matter what, you should always include a location tag for every photo and video. As a travel account, we want to be able to tag the location on every post we share with our community.

    fun fact - A post with a location tag gets on average 79% more engagement. Instagram recently shared new analytics for business profiles that show how many people found your post through the location tag, and you’d be surprised at how many people search for locations. No matter whether you post a photo or video, you should always include a relevant location.

  • #5 Send us your T&H Preset Collection edits!

    If you purchased our T&H Preset Collection, send your edited photo and the name of the preset used to our email address: and we'll make sure to try featuring it <3

  • #6 Write a guest post for Travel & Hearts.

    Another way to be featured on our feed is to write for us. We'll post your photo when we publish your post. To learn more about contributing, check out our Contribute page for all the info on how to submit your own piece.

  • #7 Master advanced methods for getting your content noticed.

    There are a variety of advanced techniques for getting your content seen by large feature accounts (including those with tens of millions of followers). Strategies like account DMs, advanced contacts and hashtag farming are beyond the scope of this article.

    If you'd like to learn more, you can check out the Instagram growth Ebook. Please note, we NEVER require you to pay for a feature.

  • #8 Be creative!

    We get more submissions than we can share, so creating your own unique travel moment together can help you stand out. That might mean a cute pose, lesser known but beautiful location, or a new perspective of a spot.

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