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Travel Bloggers Roamaroo Scott and Collette Stohler

On The Road Interviews: Roamaroo

This week we caught up with Collette and Scott Stohler, the adventurous duo behind the popular travel couple blog, Roamaroo, that turned a career break into a new life of professional travel. They shared with us everything from how they got started travel blogging to how they keep their relationship strong on the road. Find out what their life is like now, between exercising in hotel rooms to braving crocodile-filled waters, as they roam the world together.

What first inspired you to set off on an around-the-world trip in 2015?

Travel couple Roamaroo on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Since we met, we had always loved traveling together and we had fantasized about long-term travel, yet it never seemed realistic. While we had always dreamt of travel, it wasn’t until 2015 where we hit a turning point. We both felt unfulfilled in our careers, and we were constantly asking the questions, “Is there more to life? Is this our end goal?” We started thinking about the idea of time wealth and how time is our only true currency. At around that same time, we listened to a podcast by Tim Ferriss and Rolf Potts on the subject of Vagabonding. That podcast inspired us to take a risk, decide on a career break, and head out to explore the world together.

Did you always plan on turning travel into your full-time careers?

It was never our conscious intention to turn travel into our full-time career, but I think subconsciously, it was something that we both desired. While travel was always our passion, we were unsure how to make a career out of it. Our initial career break was meant to be a grown-up half gap year to explore the world. From there, we would return to California and Scott would get a new job (he wanted to change careers) and Collette would return to her old job. Creativity and content had always been passions of ours, but it wasn’t until we were on the road creating content that we realized that we could turn this passion into a career.

How did you get started with your travel couple blog, Roamaroo?

We initially started Roamaroo as a diary for our friends and family while we were traveling as well as a means of purpose during our journey. As time progressed, we had a better grasp on our mission and story and focused our narrative onto our own experience as a couple traveling the world.Scott and Collette Stohler of Roamaroo exploring the beach and historical buildings in Savannah, Georgia

What inspired the name Roamaroo?

We wanted to create a name that didn’t exist so we created an excel spreadsheet and thought of various synonyms for travel. Once we had a list of synonyms for travel, we matched the words up with prefixes and suffixes to try to create a name that was unique and available on the web and social media.

Do you have a home base? How often do you travel to new destinations?

Yes, we do have a home base. We live in Hermosa Beach, California. We travel about 50% of our time.

What is your typical day like now as professional travelers?

If we’re traveling, our typical day involves creating content – shooting videos and photos from sun up to sun down. If we’re at home or the office, we are editing our content, writing articles, pitching brands, fostering client relations, and brainstorming new and creative ways to progress and adapt in the ever-changing content market.Travel bloggers Roamaroo enjoying the water at Hermosa Beach, California

How do you stay connected as a couple when traveling together?

Communication is key to staying connected, whether you’re traveling or not. It’s exciting to be able to explore the world, learn about new cultures and cuisines, all with the person you love most right by your side. The majority of our travel revolves around work now so we always make time to put the phones down and enjoy quality time together outside of work – whether that’s a romantic dinner, sharing a bottle of wine together, going on a hike, or even something as simple as watching a movie together. It’s important to carve out time solely for our relationship outside of Roamaroo.

Can you share any tips from your book, Passport to Fitness, on how you stay in shape while traveling abroad?

Travel Blogger Collette Stohler on the beach

There are two things that impact fitness – diet & workouts. Instead of trying to be 100% healthy while you’re traveling, we recommend limiting your calories for the first half of the day. For example, we usually skip breakfast or drink a bulletproof coffee in the morning, have a light, healthy lunch such as a salad, and then we splurge on dinner. It’s much easier to control your meals in the morning and set yourself up for a healthy day. I would never tell someone to skip their pasta or pizza in Italy, their ramen in Japan, or their tacos in Mexico, but you can make smarter decisions while traveling. If you start eating French toast and croissants in the morning, you’ll want to eat sugar all day because your blood sugar will spike and then crash. This trick is also very helpful for jet lag!

In terms of working out, we try to get in at least 50% of the workouts we would do at home. If we don’t have access to a gym, we’ll use our suitcases as a weight (you can do squats, presses, rows, etc.) We also utilize our hotel room as a gym and use the bed as a bench to perform step-ups, box jumps, decline push-ups, and dips. Another great option for travelers is to join biking tours or walking tours. These active adventures are a great way to tour the city and burn some calories while you’re traveling.

What’s the most adventurous thing that you’ve done together?

Travel bloggers Roamaroo outside the treehotel in the Swedish Lapand

We’ve definitely had our fair share of adventures, but I’d say the most adventurous thing we’ve done together is swim in the Devil’s Pool in Zambia. We had to swim across the Zambezi River to a pool on the edge of Victoria Falls (108 meters up in the air). While we were chest deep in the river holding onto a makeshift rope, we asked our guide, “what stops the hippos and crocodiles from coming over here?” He replied, “Nothing. They come here. We just throw rocks in the water to scare them away every morning.” At that very moment, a fish nipped Scott on the back and we about jumped out of the water we were so scared! But we made it out alive with a fantastic memory.

What have you learned about each other while traveling?

Traveling has fostered an incredible friendship, taught us even more about how to communicate with one another, and strengthened our love. Believe us, there are moments that our patience has been tested through flight delays and other travel fiascos, but communication and a sense of humor have taught us not to take life too seriously. We’re firm believers that the surest way to know if someone is “the one” is to travel with them. We are so grateful that we both get to work our dream jobs while traveling the world together.

Where is the most beautiful destination that you’ve visited together?

While Italy is a country that we could return to over and over again, we both agree that New Zealand is hands down the most naturally beautiful country in the world. Its unspoiled splendor, monstrous mountains, and unique landscape are unlike anything else we’ve seen.

What or where is next on your travel bucket list?

Our bucket list is never-ending so get ready! We’d love to visit Morocco, Alaska, Basque Country, Bordeaux, Oman, Egypt, Bhutan, and the Philippines.

Travel couple Roamaroo enjoys the blue island waters of the Dominic Republic

Follow along with more of the travel moments Collette and Scott have created on their blog, Roamaroo, and @roamaroo on Instagram. 

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